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Our LED energy-saving lamps offer a high-quality, green alternative to incandescent lamps. Going forwards, LED technology will open your world to unprecedented lighting possibilities.

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We evaluate A huge range of Light Bulbs including low energy fluorescent bulbs, halogen, CFL, LED ... Elegant energy saver, soft gentle light, specially designed for small


Energy savings - LED >75%, T5 > 55%.

The products you buy determine the kind of products that are produced, and hence whether we enter a new age with an eco-friendly and fair global marketplace or instead a continuation of the status quo, with the cheapest production value ensuring the greatest amount of money for producers.


Extremely low maintenance costs by less frequent changingConsumers vote with their feet and with their money for the kind of environment and world they want to see in years to come, so it is imperative that we all opt for fair trade products and sustainable energy sources like solar and wind power.


In addition to this there are consequences of our habit of dumping chemicals and toxins, plastic bags and packaging into the waste stream. Landfills used to dispose of outdated, broken or unwanted are saturating ground water with numerous toxins, while the air is thick with pollutants and greenhouse gases that are causing climate change.


The use of toxic products around the home can have immediate effects on our bodies, provoking allergies and conditions such as asthma and eczema. Of course, as with most of our short sighted folly, it is the children who are the ones most likely to suffer as a result.


We can all make a difference to the existing world order and help usher in a new a sustainable future. We are keen to hear what you think about RE - Renewable Energy, so let us know.


Our LED energy-saving lamps offer a high-quality, green alternative to incandescent lamps. Going forwards, LED technology will open your world to unprecedented lighting possibilities.

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EcoBalls, the home of low energy lighting is proud to be in association with ECO Save - LED Light Bulbs - Phil ips LEDs EcoSave LED Lights


"Each 20-watt Energy Saving Bulb – used for 4.6 hours per day/1600 hours per annum in place of an ordinary 100 Watt bulb – is guaranteed to save £12 per year on your Electricity Bill"


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8.LEDs in other Commercial environments


The real difference between the ideal of a green economy full of eco-friendly products and the currently extant corporate economy is obviously that corporations as a rule are typically only concerned with the bottom line and not with the environment in which they operate.


Corporations use tactics intended to increase their profits regardless of the lives of their workers or the impact on their surrounding environment. Such an economy will eventually destroy us all.

We need to see wholesale changes to the status quo, in terms of attitudes and in terms of the use of technologies such as PV solar panels. If you want more information about Eco-Friendly Living, please get in touch with us.



Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Research indicated that most people believed that Energy Saving Bulbs (Long Life bulbs) would save them money in the long run but very few people had any idea of the potential savings.

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