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Our LED energy-saving lamps offer a high-quality, green alternative to incandescent lamps. Going forwards, LED technology will open your world to unprecedented lighting possibilities.

What is Solar PV?


What is Solar PV?

Solar photovoltaic, otherwise known as Solar PV, is a well established, innovative renewable technology that enables homeowners and businesses alike to turn sunlight into electricity.

Is there enough sunshine in the UK for Solar PV to work properly?

Yes. The bespoke Solar PV systems installed by JHS rely on daylight to work and do not need direct sunshine. Although direct sunshine will deliver the best performance levels, the panels will generate electricity from natural daylight. The process by which this occurs will be explained by your Designer during your free site survey. You will also be provided with sample figures of the level of power generation you can typically expect.

Do I need a South facing roof?

In the UK, the ideal orientation and pitch to mount any solar panel is facing South at 30-40 degrees. Though South facing is the ideal orientation, solar panels can be mounted on any surface with some Southerly aspect. Therefore, any surface facing East South East through to West South West is suitable. However, it is important to note that the amount of solar energy available will decrease as you move away from true South.

Do I need planning permission for this work to go ahead?

A solar PV installation is a permitted development unless you are in a conservation are, listed building or covenanted area. If you are unsure of these legal requirements please seek advice from your relevant council.

Can JHS provide references of previous installations?

JHS have been bespoke solar PV installers since 2004 and have built great relationships with all our clients ensuring that their systems are working to their expected levels. JHS pride themselves on the quality of their workmanship that they bring to every project and have built a catalogue of testimonials over the years. These can be read on our website or we can provide details on request.

Who would/will be installing my Solar PV system?

All solar PV installations are carried out by the JHS installation team. Other than the scaffolding, we do not subcontract anyone to carry out work on our behalf. Every member of the JHS team receives extensive training, and we are fully accredited by the MCS.

What is the MCS accreditation and how important is it?

The MCS accreditation is an internationally recognised quality assurance scheme which demonstrates to clients that a company is committed to meeting its rigorous and testing standards. The MCS gives customers assurance that every installation will be carried out to the highest quality levels.

How long does the installation take?

A standard domestic solar PV installation will typically take no more than 2 days to complete. The timescale for the complete process, from the initial fee, no obligation survey to having the system installed on your property, is estimated at 6 weeks. Any special timing requirements that you may have will always be taken into account.

How long will my system last?

The panels installed by JHS have a performance guarantee of 25 years. All framing components are selected for their durability and are expected to last 25 years.

Is Solar PV only suitable on roofs?

Not at all. There are many locations where it may not be feasible for a Solar PV system to be installed on a particular roof. If this scenario arises, then the bespoke system can be installed onto a ground-mount system. The ground-mount will be sourced and built by JHS unless requested otherwise by you. The ground-mount can either be close to the ground or built onto another structure, such as a pergola.

Will the system need cleaning or any other kind of maintenance?

All panels JHS supply are made with toughened glass that will resist dirt, and therefore no cleaning will be necessary. Hydrophobic coatings are available if you wanted to take extra steps in protecting your investment.

Does one system fit all?

Absolutely not! JHS ensure that when their experienced Designer visits your property they take both detailed measurements and the time necessary to understand your particular requirements. Using all of this information they will then advise on the best possible Solar PV system for you. Every solar PV installation conducted by JHS is bespoke, designed by our expert designers to suit all of your needs.

How will the system stay on the roof or ground-mount?

The panels will be secured to the roof or ground-mount through the use of framing and clamps. The method used in different on each project and will be discussed by the JHS Designer during your site survey.

Will the system damage the roof?

Most roofs are built to withstand 39 to 48.8kg per square metre of weight. The systems are usually bolted into the beams of the building in question. The JHS Designer will assess the capability of your roof to withstand the weight of the system during the site survey. If it is deemed that the beams would not be strong enough or they are too thin for the system to go on, as part of their overall service JHS will advise what is required to proceed with the installation safely


Your solar PV installation: the ten most common problems


Our LED energy-saving lamps offer a high-quality, green alternative to incandescent lamps. Going forwards, LED technology will open your world to unprecedented lighting possibilities.

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Your solar PV installation: the ten most common problems


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