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Our LED energy-saving lamps offer a high-quality, green alternative to incandescent lamps. Going forwards, LED technology will open your world to unprecedented lighting possibilities.

Your solar PV installation: the ten most common problems

Once you have decided on that all important decision to install a solar photovoltaic system onto your property, you may be asking yourself, “what next?” The beauty of solar PV installations is that they are generally never the same. We all have different tastes, budgets, requirements and ideas, and as such, your solar installation should meet such requirements.

At Solar Solutions, we recognise that we all differ in one way or another. The beauty of solar PV installations is that they can be designed to suit your own requirements.

We would all like to believe that the process of any alterations to a building is simple, although in reality many of us can face a few bumps along the way to reaching that goal. Here are the most likely problems which could potentially hold up your solar PV installation:

1) Your first hurdle could be faced at the very beginning of the process. With the numbers of solar PV installers growing at a great speed, it is difficult to know who to go with. It is advised that you organise a survey with three different companies. When researching the companies, you are advised to go with companies who are MCS accredited and members of the REA.

2) Unfortunately, some companies will attempt to get you to sign on the same day as your survey; do not feel pressured to do so. The surveyors should be there to create a quote relevant to your needs; you shouldn’t need to sign anything on the same day.

3) If your property is a listed building, within a conservation area or a world heritage site then you will need to make the arrangements to organise the planning permission with your local council.

4) Most companies will include scaffolding in their pricing, although you may need to check this within the quote. It is also important to bear in mind that the scaffolding will be covering part of your property, and may temporarily interfere with your satellite dish reception.

5) On the installation date, you will need to ensure that someone is present to allow access to your property at the beginning and end of the installation, for the commissioning of the installation and the handover.

6) You may need to inform your neighbours about the installation. Most solar installations tend to take up to two days, and the process is relatively quiet. However some installations could potentially disrupt your neighbours.

7) You will also have to inform your mortgage company about any alterations made to your property.

8) Once your solar installation has been completed and the final payment has been made, you will receive all of the necessary documentation. Some companies who offer extra warranties will require you to fill out a form, this will be essential to ensure you gain that additional cover.

9) Should there be any problems with your installation, it is always worth getting back in contact with the company who installed your system; some companies will provide you with aftercare as standard.

10) Your installer should provide you with a guide to the feed-in tariff registration process. Your application will only be accepted if the installers are MCS accredited.

Of course, each and every situation is different. However, if you are aware of the most common issues that can arise it may help you avoid some of those “bumps” along the way!

Our LED energy-saving lamps offer a high-quality, green alternative to incandescent lamps. Going forwards, LED technology will open your world to unprecedented lighting possibilities.

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Your solar PV installation: the ten most common problems


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